Edexcel AS A Level Chemistry Tuition Sharjah, Dubai

Aims: The aims describe the purposes of a course based on this syllabus. The aims are to enable students to: 

  • acquire knowledge and understanding and develop practical skills, including efficient, accurate and safe scientific practices
  • learn to apply the scientific method, while developing an awareness of the limitations of scientific theories and models
  • develop skills in data analysis, evaluation and drawing conclusions, cultivating attitudes relevant to science such as objectivity, integrity, enquiry, initiative and inventiveness
  • develop effective scientific communication skills, using appropriate terminology and scientific conventions 
  • understand their responsibility to others/society and to care for the environment 
  • enjoy science and develop an informed interest in the subject that may lead to further study

A levels is studied under AS & A2 

AS/A2  Chemistry  from EDEXCEL has set of specifications in each chapter and exams will be conducted based on the syllabus specified. 

AS LEVELS has  three papers 🙁WCH11/01, WCH12/01 & WCH13/01)

A2 Levels has three papers : (WCH14/01),  (WCH15/01)    &  (WCH16/01)

Progress Training  center  offers Chemistry tuitions  in Sharjah who are dedicated and go the extra mile for their students. Our tutors are eager to prove their quality and create interest in the subject. Only those seeking quality Chemistry tutors in UAE should contact us. Our competent tutors lead students to success and provide extreme satisfaction and quality results.

We provide printed notes and classified past papers with all variants and solve them after every chapter being explained . students will be tested after every chapter , exam papers review will be made and the continuous exams will be conducted to assess the progress of the students until students are prepared for A* .

We conduct lab classes to prepare students for paper-3 

Why Chemistry Tuition is Necessary

Chemistry is an interesting subject, yet it can be challenging for many due to its vast and complicated syllabus. Tutors are needed to provide guidance, resources, and study materials to help students become proficient in the subject. To improve your as/a2 Chemistry knowledge, join the best Chemistry tuitions in Sharjah. Our Experienced and qualified teachers are available to help you boost your skills.

Edexcel AS A Level Chemistry Tuition in Sharjah

If you are looking for Chemistry tutors for year 12/ year32  in Sharjah, Progress Training center can help. We have experienced teachers and instructors, who can help you take classes and lessons for AS/A2 Chemistry . 

Experienced and passionate Chemistry tutors

Good Chemistry tutors not only have high marks but also excel in teaching. They engage, relate, and have a passion for helping students. They explain concepts in a simple way. All AS/A2 Chemistry tutors for year  12/ YEAR 13  , have excelled in university courses and are selected for their teaching ability. They have experience and understand various student needs. Our interviewing process ensures high standards. . Our tutors use their in-depth knowledge and ample experience , digital resources to explain the concepts of Chemistry to the students in easy-to-understand language.

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