“Mr. Syed’s work ethic, enthusiasm and dedication have served to inspire his students at the Progress Training Center. As a student from Wesgreen International School, it has been an absolute privilege to be able to study and learn there while surrounded by likeminded students with ambitious goals and visions.”
Aamin Mohamed
Wesgreen international school, Sharjah
"Mr syed has been an incredible teacher for the past 3 years and is an excellent tutor for all years of high school."
Hasan basem , yr13 A LEVEL
Wesgreen international school, Sharjah
"Mr. Syed’s training center is very knowledgeable, it offers variety of courses such as chemistry, physics, math for both edexcel and Cambridge curriculums. He has been a great teacher, helped me improve academically and taught me multiple skills to help me achieve the highest rank in my IGCSE’s. I’m looking forward to continue with him for the upcoming year."
Yousef hussam , year 11
Westminster school
"This is my third year with Mr. Sayed, after excelling in IGCSE and As - Level. Mr. Sayed was always by my side. He made me believe I could do things which I thought were 'unrealistic' and 'impossible'. Always keeping an eye on his students progress with weekly tests to make sure the topic is fully understood. Progress Training Centre helped me achieve my full potential. My younger sister just started her first year, doing IGCSE, and her progress is very clear to see. This centre provides brilliant educational courses for many different exam boards. The teachers and other team members are ready to support each and every student. I really recommend this centre to every student, whether you are struggling or not, this centre will help you achieve the best grades possible."
Abdullah Sinan, year 13
Wesgreen International School
"Amazing center with great teachers who have experience in teaching and are able to help you understand the tough concepts easily."
Ahmed Mohammed,year 11,
oxford school , Dubai
"Progress training center has helped me further my knowledge and understanding in the topic of chemistry to reach a certain degree where I’m able to completely understand most of IGCSE chemistry."
Abdullah reyad- year 11
Wesgreen international school
“At Progress training center I’ve come a long way in chemistry. I was struggling in IGCSE but when I joined I aced in chemistry, all this while surrounded by friendly environment and students”
Mohamed Hani, AS Level
School of creative science
"mr syeds progress training center offers many courses like chemistry,physics maths business and more of different curriculums ,he has helped me gain my self confidence in my studies and helped me through out my igcses and I’m looking forward to take my A levels with him."
Haya kamil, yr11
Pace British international school
"Wow. What can I say ? I really appreciated this place. The teachers are well chosen and they have a long term experience towards IGCSE subjects. I really recommend this place to anyone who’s struggling with IG."
Ali wael
"very good center with highly expertise teachers.. highly recommended."
"I saw my son take his studies more seriously then ever before and I saw a great improvement in his academics for Year 11 . Mr.Sayed showed great dedication to helping my child to succeed and I am confident in his ability to help my son succeed in his A level studies."
M.zahoor Ahmed/ PARENT
"Progress Training Center aims to a more educative, skillful and reliable institute following the interactive teaching methods to improve the critical thinking skills of the students. It provides individual attention to every student. The center has highly qualified and experienced teachers to guide and support all the students of the training center to achieve their goals. In my opinion this training center is no doubt the best option any student can have which follows an educative and friendly environment of learning."
Mrs.Geetha / PARENT
"Progress Training Center is the most serviceable and advantageous learning center which can attain you best grades, thanks to the highly knowledgeable and professional team. The teachers make the subject fascinating to the students, by their teaching skills and experiences."
"This is my second year with the mister as in year 11 I took classes with him and alhamdullilah I got A* all thanks to the mister and his efforts and in this year (year 12) we’re about to finish the syllabus with him and till now the experience has been fantastic as, if you have a doubt the mister will always help you and aid you throughout your journey and he teaches and explains everything very well and organized. Moreover, he does exams each week to test our knowledge and if you didn’t do good he’ll explain the exam to you and help you understand the points that will get you an A* inshallah and the same goes to the other teachers as well."
Amin Hussam , AS level
Sharjah international private school
"Experienced Staff, student friendly environment. It is a blessing for students of CBSE specially for Maths & Science. Face to face teaching / learning is the most effective way, reciprocal communication help for easy understanding"
"The teachers focus on making you love the subject for example the chemistry teacher whom i took with OL and AS made me love chemistry and got me the mark i wanted which is an A*. Many thanks to the center and all their amazing teachers."
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